A girl standing in a restaurant wearing a round Ryolit White Deluxe Gold watch with gold mesh strap by Carl Edmond

Carl Edmond x Sara Biderman

Sara Biderman stays true to curiosity and elegance

29-year-old Sara Biderman embodies a life of exploration and creative discovery. Born on a farm just outside Eskilstuna, the freelance fashion and celebrity stylist is curious and impulsive at heart. Moving to Spain after school, and then to Australia for a year, Sara is now based in Stockholm, where her timeless style has got all heads turned towards her. She brings temperament to elegance – learn how from her story below.

Woman wearing a round ryolit white deluxe gold watch with gold mesh strap by Carl Edmond
Toned in gold, the Square White Deluxe keeps things fancy and sharp.

Q: Sara, your style is mesmerizing! But, if this weren’t your job, what else would you do?

A: I’d most probably be a vet, or anything that includes animals. My love for them is unreal!

Q: And what’s your favorite thing about humans?

A: They are good dancers and they know how to party, haha!

Q: Except for being an animal-lover, what else defines you?

A: I’m impulsive, active, temperamental, happy, and curious.

Q: Impulsive! What’s the last spontaneous thing you did?

A: Last week, my boyfriend and I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to bake cinnamon buns.

A round Ryolit White Deluxe Watch with Gold Mesh Strap by Carl Edmond
Classic in character, elegant in gold.

Q: Do you have fears?

A: Of course, everyone does. For example, I hate to talk in front of people.

Q: How do you overcome that?

A: I force myself to just do it. It always feels better after. One thing I haven’t learned to handle, however, are spiders…

Q: Do you have a favorite time of the day?

A: Mornings, when I have my first cup of coffee. The light and the quietness make me so calm.

Q: Would you rather go back in time or into the future?

A: Back, for sure! I would love to wear all the pretty clothes of the ‘60s.

Girl wearing a round ryolit white deluxe gold watch with gold mesh strap by carl edmond
Girl standing in restaurant having photoshoot with Carl Edmond

Q: And if you know you have only 3 more hours to live, how would you spend those?

A: With my family and boyfriend. Eating a lot of food and drinking expensive, heavy red wine. Probably smoking some cigarettes too.

Q: Expensive wine sounds amazing! What does luxury mean to you?

A: Luxury for me is not about the price of something, it’s more about treating yourself.

Q: What’s the ultimate record you would bring to a lonely island and listen to forever?

A: Bob Marley, The Fugees or Tupac.

Q: Ah, the classics! Do you think something that is considered a ‘classic’ can also be ‘modern’?

A: A classic for me is modern all the time. It’s timeless beauty.

Q: Is there a place in the world that always makes you excited, no matter how many times you go?

A: Italy. My happy place.

Q: At last, complete this sentence for us, ‘There will never be enough time for…’


Closeup at a clockhead of a Gold watch by Carl Edmond

Elegance in gold

Classic in character, elegant in gold. The Deluxe Gold reflects the strongest parts of you.