A girl standing in a restaurant wearing a round Ryolit White Deluxe Gold watch with gold mesh strap by Carl Edmond

Carl Edmond x Sara Biderman

Sara Biderman stays true to curiosity and elegance

29-yeard-old Sara Biderman embodies a life of exploration and creative discovery. Born on a farm just outside Eskilstuna, the freelance fashion and celebrity stylist is curious and impulsive at heart. Moving to Spain after school, and then to Australia for a year, Sara is now based in Stockholm, where her timeless style has got all heads turned towards her.

Woman wearing a round ryolit white deluxe gold watch with gold mesh strap by Carl Edmond
Toned in gold, the Square White Deluxe keeps things fancy and sharp.

We know how colourful her personality is and that she’s always exploring new ground, so we want to enquire what she’d be doing if styling weren’t her life. “I’d most probably be a vet, or anything that includes animals. My love for them is unreal!” And except for being absolutely in love with animals, she also admits she’s “impulsive, active, temperamental, happy, and curious”. Sara also steals everyone’s thunder with her style, and when we ask what she believes is classic and what’s modern, she proclaims that “a classic is modern all the time – it’s timeless beauty.”


A round Ryolit White Deluxe Watch with Gold Mesh Strap by Carl Edmond
Classic in character, elegant in gold.

Impulse and temperament define Sara’s independent way to success, but it’s also the way she deals with obstacles and fears that make her character so compelling. Even though she’s terrified by talking in front of people, for instance, when she’s afraid she forces herself “to just do it – it always feel better after that.” On a calmer note, Sara also shares that having her first cup of coffee in the morning gives a reflective moment for herself: “The light and quietness make me so relaxed.”

Girl standing in restaurant having photoshoot with Carl Edmond

Sara is an embodiment of life lived fully and authentically, and if the fashion stylist had simply a couple of more hours on Earth, she states, without hesitation, that she’d be with her family and her boyfriend, “eating a lot of food and drinking expensive, heavy red wine. Probably smoking some cigarettes too.” She’s all about small moments and little but special things in life, because luxury for her “is not about the price of something, it’s more about treating yourself.”

Closeup at a clockhead of a Gold watch by Carl Edmond

Elegance in gold

Classic in character, elegant in gold. The Deluxe Gold reflects the strongest parts of you.