Girl wearing a Ryolit White Deluxe with Rose Mesh strap by Carl Edmond

Carl Edmond x Molly Rustas

Molly Rustas roses up with the Deluxe Rose Gold

Molly Rustas 9 wearing Ryolit White Deluxe Rose with Rose Mesh Strap by Carl Edmond
Molly styles Ryolit White Deluxe Rose Gold in a candid moment captured by Oskar Bakke.
Daring to leave her comfort zone and succeed on her own terms, Molly Rustas is the 24-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger that mixes effortless chic with a strong sense of personality. With prominent social media presence, a YouTube channel and design work under her belt, her dreams and goals are big. But Molly admits – it’s the focus on tiny, human things, like love, family and good vibes, which make every moment count.
Closeup at a round Ryolit White Deluxe Rose Gold watch with Rose Gold Mesh Strap by Carl Edmond
When it comes to elegance, all heads turn to the White Deluxe Rose Gold. Round and sleek, this watch transforms daily situations into sophisticated moments.

Q: Hey Molly! If you weren’t here right now, where would you be?

A: To be honest, I don’t want be anywhere else than where I’m today. I’m very proud of my journey so far and of my independent road to success. But, this is still the beginning – I have big dreams and goals!

Girl wearing a round Ryolit WHite Deluxe watch with Rose Mesh strap by Carl Edmond
‘Comfortable or not, there’s nothing that can stop me from achieving what’s on my mind.’ - @mollyrustas

Q: What do you consider as your most bold characteristic?

A: I dare to challenge myself. Comfortable or not, there’s nothing that can stop me from achieving what’s on my mind, really. I always dive into what I think is worth going for – regardless whether I’m nervous or afraid to do it.

Q: Woah! Would you say you’re fearless?

A: I think all of us have some kind of fears in our lives. My biggest fear would be to lose someone I love.

Q: Tells us what’s the last spontaneous thing you did!

A: I booked a trip to Ibiza just a couple of days before I had to leave…

Q: Do you have a personal definition of luxury?

A: For me, to love and be loved back is luxurious. Also, to enjoy life to the fullest and always see and appreciate the beauty in the small things.

Girl standing in greenhouse wearing a Carl Edmond Watch
Girl wearing a round Ryolit White Deluxe Rose Watch with Rose Mesh Strap by Carl Edmond

Q: What’s your favourite time of the day?

A: Mornings, definitely.

Q: Why is that?

A: I’m most effective and I feel like I have the entire day ahead of me – it’s the best feeling ever!

Q: Speaking of time, would you rather go back in the past or ahead into the future?

A: Back in the past, for sure. I want to meet, hug and talk to my grandma. I’ve never met her. I’m sure she would give me tons of wise pieces of life-advice.

Q: Molly, if you know you have only 3 more hours to live, how would you spend those?

A: Easy one! With my family, of course.

Closeup of a clockhead of the Rose Gold watch by Carl Edmond

A warm touch of sun-kissed rose

The colour of dreams, sunsets and affection – The Deluxe Rose Gold adds a tender touch to every moment of your life.