Our story

We’re a team of open-minded and creative professionals with a burning desire in our heart – to carry our knowledge and skills to watches that bring out the best in you. At Carl Edmond, we speak your language of freedom and boldness.

For us, your distinctive style and personality come first. Born and bred in our colourful home Stockholm, we know there are many sides to you. That’s why we bring quality and characteristic design to affordable watches that fit every moment of your life. How do we do it?

Because we want to provide your every moment and occasion with exquisite elegance, we’ve teamed up with world-renowned designer Eric Giroud. They make sure the endurable watch on your wrist keeps up with you at any time, everywhere you go. And just like you, we’re bold too – we don’t settle for the ordinary. That’s why we select the highest quality sapphire crystal that reflects your inimitable individuality and adds a classic tone to every moment of your life.

But nobody’s moments or budgets are the same. And our design team knows that. To keep the luxury feel of our watches yet be able to offer an experience of elegance to as many as possible, we use mechanical movement by Ronda. The Swiss masters of precision provide our watches with quality and affordability that are there for you regardless of place or occasion – at work, in the club or when meeting with friends, we have your back!

And as much as we care for the elegant feel and design for our watches, we also never compromise when it comes to our shared home, Earth. That’s why we make our classic straps with the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather by Tärnsjö Garveri. The Tärnsjö tannery is among the remaining 5% of tanning houses in the world that choose sustainability over cost-efficient chrome excel methods. With their leather on our watches, we offer you global quality that’s sustainably sourced from local Swedish farms. In that way, everyone’s happy – you, us, and our clean planet.

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