Accessible Design

Accessible Design

To realize the vision of Carl Edmond, we reached out to Eric, one of the watch industry’s most respected Swiss designers, who brought Adrian, his protégée and an accomplished watch designer in his own right, onto the Carl Edmond design team. The two talented designers, who are close colleagues and friends, went to work conceiving one the of most stylish yet affordable watches on the market, bridging Swedish minimalism with Swiss ingenuity to create Carl Edmond.

In the watch industry, colors are taboo. It’s interesting to mix pastel colors, inspired by Sweden, reminiscent of 60’s and 70’s Swedish furniture. We are styling for the new generation.

– Eric Giroud, Art Director


Accessible, yet stunningly beautiful. Inspired by high design. The Carl Edmond watch exudes its distinctive identity even when seen from a distance. The design features of the Carl Edmond watch are not only minimalistic, with a fine balance of sophistication, but also asymmetrical. It’s a bold statement and a uniquely distinguishable feature. The visual impact of the name plate across the reversed asymmetrical lugs at twelve o’clock is something completely new. Such unique details of the Carl Edmond watch truly make it stand out, as will you with a Carl Edmond watch on your wrist.

People want to be more unique and be able to stand out in a society that makes everyone, every day, become a little more anonymous.

– Adrian Glessing, Designer

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