The Carl Edmond Story

Swedish watch brand characterized by Scandinavian design and Swiss craftsmanship

Using traditional values and methods, our timepieces are made with precision from carefully selected materials for the durability and effortless style modern life requires.


The Birth of a New Brand

Our story has a unique start and here's how it goes. On vacation in Seychelles, our Swedish founder met Edmond, a new friend made by the poolside, with the most exuberant and friendly personality. Edmond was the type of guy everyone liked, you know the type, when you meet him you can't help but smile.

Soon Edmond was like family, and they are close friends to this day. Meeting Edmond sparked the idea for a watch brand that makes the wearer feel just like Edmond. Being Swedish, we paired the essence of Edmond with a Swedish classic, Carl, a name that truly represents Sweden. And Carl Edmond was born.



We at Carl Edmond love great design, and we believe you do too. You are someone with little time to think about what watch to wear with what, so we thought, why don't we make a watch that gives you time to focus on other things, because with our eye, you can express yourself in the way you want and still know you've got a classic on your wrist.

We want fashion to be a joyful experience and share that feeling with you, so we created Carl Edmond.


The World's Finest Material on Your Wrist

The unparalleled knowledge and handicraft of the leather artisans at Tärnsjö bring the most natural feel to the watches. This Swedish tannery produces some of the world's finest vegetable-tanned leather using hides from local Swedish farms. 

140-year-old tannery Tärnsjö leather

The Tärnsjö tannery is among the remaining 5% of tanning houses worldwide that still uses the tradition of vegetable tanning instead of the more cost-efficient chrome excel method and is incredibly environmentally friendly in its business practices by using bark extracts, water, and water-based finishing. 


Meet The Designer

Together with the world renowned designer Eric Giroud, we created a selection of timeless stainless steel watches that lets you enjoy every moment in outstanding fashion.

Eric Giroud

Call it comfort, or peace of mind. We prefer to call it what it really is – quality time.
Cool to the touch
and easy on the eye.

The fine sapphire glass gives your watch’s crystal a delicate, long lasting shine and makes sure it stays scratch-free. Crafted by Ronda, the fine-tuned Swiss quartz movement never skips a beat and keeps you right on time. Because in the end, it’s the quality that counts.


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